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Firefly has an average of 50 children per day.  We have a 5,000 sf, 2 level building with 8  infants under 1 in our Caterpillar room, 4-8 9-14 months in our Butterfly room,  and 8  18-24 months in our Cricket room on the lower level.  we have 12-14  2 and 3 years in our Dragonfly Area, and 16-18 4-6  year olds in our Firefly Area on the upper level.  Ages are mixed occasionally as kids learn so much from each other!

Open Year Round, Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

The preschool program is 9-12 Monday – Friday. Preschool only kids can do 2  (MW, or TTh), 3 (MWF), 4, or  5 days a week.   We also have a half day program from 9 – 3.  The children that are attending Firefly for Child Care are automatically a part of the preschool program.  We do learning activities throughout the day, 9-12 is just the most structured portion of our Preschool time for those kids that do not need additional Child Care.

Summer Program – Our preschool program and child care runs year round.  In the summer we ALSO offer a School Age Summer Program.  School age children are at a separate location and do age appropriate activities on their own and are outside as much as possible.

Our location is 536 West Reserve, in North Kalispell.

Natural and Organic child care and preschool.  Natural and Organic whole foods from the valley, natural toys, and a focus on the spirit of the child. Music, Art, Spanish, Sign Language, Creative Play and Learning.

Individuality and special talents are developed through creative, abstract play and thinking. Respect and Gratitude of the Earth is presented through reusing and recycling.

**We accept the Best Beginnings Scholarship**