Law of Attraction

Part I
by Julie Kiewatt

I’m sure you’ve all heard “When it rains it pours”. This popular saying describes how one negative thing usually follows another. This is actually caused by something called The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is an idea that has been around since the beginning of time. When you look back at the belief systems of all of our positive world contributors, you will find this one common thread. Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Plato, Ludwig van Beethoven, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Martin Luther King Jr. are just a few of the many that believed in this power we have to create our own destiny. The Law of Attraction is based on the idea from Quantum Physics that we are all energy and therefore our thoughts and feelings create energy waves that attract like thoughts and feelings. So, if you feel happy, you attract more feelings of happiness, if you feel sad, you attract more feelings of sadness.

The Law of Attraction is amazing because it gives us control over what we have in our lives. If we have many friends, it is because we have attracted them with our thoughts and feelings; if we have few, it is because we have attracted that. This may sound like blame? Am I blaming you for having no friends? No, you didn’t necessarily mean to attract no friends, but by not thinking and feeling that you Have friends you attract a lack of friends by default. This is also true with health, money, work, etc. There is nothing wrong with being abundant… the more you have, the more you can give to others.

So how do you use the Law of Attraction? Ask, Believe, Receive… Ask for what you want, Believe that you will receive it, and then be ready to Receive it when it comes around. What is the underlying meaning here? FAITH! You must have FAITH that good things are coming to you and you must KNOW what good things you desire! Does this mean that nothing negative will ever happen to you if you use the Law of Attraction? NO! Beethoven lived by the Law and he became deaf… how do you compose music when you can’t hear it? Amazingly, Beethoven wrote his best works AFTER he lost his hearing! Wow!

There is much to know about the Law of Attraction and so little time to tell you! Next month I’ll continue to explain how you can apply The Law to your life. For now, decide what you DO want in your life and focus on that rather than what you Don’t Have!

Part II

Last month we started discussing the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that what you think about and feel you attract more of. The Law works in three steps; Ask, Believe, and Receive.

So first off, Asking for what we desire… It is important that we are very clear about what we DO desire in our lives. This is why goals are so important; they help us to focus on getting what we desire. Our thoughts and feelings can be compared to a radio signal; what we think and feel sends out that signal to try to reach the station. If we don’t have our radio turned to the station we want we get static or even a station that we didn’t intend to listen to. So once again, know what you are asking for and be clear about it! What if you don’t know what you desire? Focus on more general aspects of what you want… such as abundance, integrity, many positive role models… but you must know what your definition of abundance, integrity, and positive role models is to get them! As a Counselor, it is a part of my job to assist clients in clarifying what they desire and helping them to attain it!

A side note… the Law of Attraction gives positive thoughts more attention than negative thoughts. If it worked equally we would all be hating life and wishing for a way out. Ignoring your negative thoughts does not make them go away… the Law knows what you are thinking and feeling even if you are trying to be positive. The only way around your negative thoughts and feelings is to work through them. Focus on your negative thoughts and feelings in order to find what caused them so that you can find a way to change it! This will free you from those thoughts and feelings. Again, as a counselor this is what I assist clients in doing! You may know what your negative thoughts are but just don’t know how to change them!

Believing… this is often where people get lost with the Law of Attraction. We must believe that good things are coming our way. We often feel undeserving and this is why we don’t believe… the only way to start feeling like we deserve something is to change our actions to something better and more productive! The Law works closely with religions and spirituality. Whatever you believe your Higher Power to be, God, Buda, your spirit, etc., the Law is written into this belief system. Just to list a few; the Bible it says Ask and Ye Shall Receive, and Buddhists believe in Karma. Believing can be made stronger by envisioning… envision what it is you’ve asked for as if you already have it.

Now it is time to Receive… the most important part about receiving is being ready for it! Prepare for your life the way you’ve envisioned it so that you are ready and don’t miss the opportunity. What you receive will be what you asked for but may not come in the same package in which you imagined. It is not our job to figure out how to get it, just to have the faith that we will get it! The Law works by attracting the closest and fastest things that we’ve asked for, so don’t worry, you’ll get it! Once you have Received what you’ve asked for, now be thankful. Being Thankful once again brings us back to getting what we think about and feel… If we are thankful we get more of what we are thankful for! Sounds simple doesn’t it?

If you have any questions about the Law of Attraction or would like help figuring out what is holding you back from getting what you desire, please contact me at 406-471-6508. Also, check out the book The Secret. Namaste.