The Dragonfly Effect

by Julie Kiewatt

Last month I discussed the Butterfly Effect and encouraged all of you to be the butterfly that causes the tornado. This month I would like to propose a new effect; The Dragonfly Effect.

Dragonflies are very interesting creatures… they spend most of their lives as nymphs, living under water. As a nymph, the dragonfly does not have the long tail or wings that they are well known for. When they are ready to “morph” into an adult, they climb out of the water and break free of their outer skin allowing their wings and tail to unfurl.

I have seen many people, metaphorically, go through this same change. As humans, we have a choice as to when we “come out of our old skin”. Why then do we do as dragonflies do, living the majority of our lives hidden under the water?

You may ask, “What is under the water?”

Hiding under the water is living in fear or doubt… Fear of rejection, of not being right, fear of failure. Doubt that we are not ABLE to do what we want to do, doubt that we will still be loved if we are who we truly are… Often, we don’t realize we are “under the water” because we hide it from ourselves. It is easier, for NOW, to think we are “fine”. When we hide our fears and doubts, it actually just prolongs the pain. When we face things, we can deal with them, we can get through it and it can be over much sooner. Facing problems diffuses the pain.

Do you do everything you desire to do?

Do you know and accept your strengths AND weaknesses?

Do you BELIEVE that you can become what you desire?

Do you BELIEVE that you can change?

Many may answer yes to those questions and yet do not take action in their own lives. Why then if you do not fear and doubt, do you not act? To be yourself, to do what you were sent here to do, is to become the dragonfly.

Fear of others seeing you as having problems may stop many of you from seeking help with issues in your life whether they are large or small. We have guidance in all aspects of our lives; coaches, teachers, pastors, mentors, bosses, sales people… Why do we fear seeking guidance for what is most important…Our True Self? To take steps to find you, to seek help, is to strive to be the dragonfly.

Experience the dragonfly effect… you choose when you start to fly…